Fire Marshal Kits - safe and easy Fire Safety Management

Fire Safety Kits for Fire Marshals and Fire Wardens or anyone concerned with the safe management of fire safety and site evacuations. Our standard fire safety kits are made in the UK. Bespoke fire safety kits with custom content are available upon request.


Standard Fire Marshal Kit | FireSafetyKits from - safe evacuation

Fire Marshal Kit | Fire Safety Kit

A complete fire safety kit for use by fire marshals and fire officers. This fire safety kit holdall contains ...

Standard Fire Warden Kit | FireSafetyKits from - safe evacuation

Fire Warden Kit | Fire Safety Kit

Compact Fire Safety Kit for safe evacuation Easily portable, comfortable and robust backpack. Contents...

Duty Officer Fire Evacuation Kit | FireSafetyKits from - safe evacuation

Duty Officer Fire Evacuation Kit

Extensive fire safety tools and resources for duty officers. This kit is supplied in a robust box and contains...

Fire Safety Kit in Wall Cabinet | FireSafetyKits from - safe evacuation

Fire Safety Kit in Wall Cabinet

This wall mountable fire safety kit is ideal for buildings with a high number of employees and visitors. Contents include...

Emergency Alarm Station - Air Horn wall mountable fire safety kit | FireSafetyKits from - safe evacuation

Emergency Alarm Staion

Temporary or auxiliary fire alarm solution or as a stand alone fire alarm option in portable buildings, marquees, barns etc. More...

Emerency Grab Bag for Business | FireSafetyKits and Emergency Preparedness Kits from

Business Grab Bag

A fully stocked Grab Bag for business to be used in case of emergency evacuation. Contents include...

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Standard and Custom-Made Emergency Kits


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Standard and custom-made Emergency Kits | beyond Fire Safety | safe evacuation and lockdown

Site Evacuation Kits - Contingency Kits
safe evacuation and security lock down

Fire Safety and Emergency Kits save lives and are invaluable for effective crisis management. All EVAQ8 kits are produced in the UK using quality products you can depend on in an emergency. In addition to our range of standard kits we offer a competitive bespoke service. We can customise our existing emergency preparedness kits to your specification or create kits to your exact requirements. Simply see our information on bespoke orders and get in touch with your requirements.

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Fire Safety also for Vehicles: Car Safety Kits

Fire safety is also important for vehicles. Did you know that most of our Car Safety Kits also contain Fire Safety tools as a standard? EVAQ8 Car Safety Kits are trusted and used by government agencies, local authorities, and companies of all sizes throughout the UK.

Our range of kits includes Car Emergency Kits, Car Safety Kits, Car First Aid Kits, Vehicle Fire Extinguishers, ADR and spill kits. There are also specialized car safety kits for winter driving and a comprehensive range of emergency breakdown tools.


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